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February 23, 2017

Full-featured scope and FPGA-based data converters to pursue 5G, mil/aero

Testers from Anritsu, Keysight, and Tektronix

Tests 28GHz and various terrains

Performs DirecTV Now test

February 22, 2017

M9710A: 4 channels, 10-bit, DC to 2.5GHz BW,

Two new models: Quad receiver SDR and 2x2 MIMO SDR

Embeds RF-class analog technology to create RFSoC

February 21, 2017

Articles: PXI in multiport device test, Mass interconnect and fixturing, Five T&M predictions for 2017, China is hungry for PXI

Keysight PXIe 1GHz oscilloscope, Astronics PXIe 2-ch 125MHz AWG, AIT PXIe Fiber channels nd ethernet instrument, NI PXIe-4480 6-ch DSA, SignalCore 6GHz downconverter,

Includes mmWave, New PHY, massive MIMO and BTS beamforming addressed via UXM and AXIe

February 17, 2017

In my latest column, I explain why even cancelled projects can be successful

Revenue of $726M, 2% order growth, slow mil/aero, 11% order growth outside of mil/aero, 5G growth ahead of forecast, good high-speed serial growth, services up 5%, shifting spending towards R&D and direct sales, 20% modular growth, some products start as modules presently, IXIA financing.

Based on Verizon’s open 5G standard

February 14, 2017

Represented by Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Business Unit

Base station to be mounted to mast on top of van

February 10, 2017

Revenue $3.2M, down from $4.5M, due to divestitures. Loss of $575K. Giga now focused on electronic warfare. $1.2M in EW bookings.

New logo to be used on Release 15 and later

Frost & Sullivan report of 5G

February 8, 2017

Tek reports low single digits core revenue growth, China in double digits. 70GHz scope doing well. M&A active.

64 dual-polarized antennas for 28GHz

February 2, 2017

Available in PXIe and MTCA form factors

Interview with Keysight’s Mark Pierpoint

February 1, 2017

Q4 Rev $329M down 1.7%, “Core” up 3%, GM at 75.8%, Orders flat, Semi string, academic weak.

AWR enhancements address 5G and elsewhere

AWG offers dual 14/16 bit generators up to 140MHz, digitizer offers 14/16 bit sampling up to 180 Ms/s

20 different configurations, up to 32 poles

Headcount to decline by single digit percentage through attrition